Married : Kellie + Chris

Yippee! Today we're showing off all the pretty that is Kellie + Chris! These two got hitched quite some time ago but even with a delay in getting their wedding photos, we're still so very excited to share everything with you. I remember when we did this wedding I had so many people commenting on how gorgeous Kellie's dress was + wowza, everyone was so on point... check it out!

Vendors for the day:
Wedding Coordinator: At Last Wedding + Event Design
Venue: Lake Mary Events Center
Caterer: Big City Catering
DJ: Fun Factory
Rentals: Orlando Wedding and Party Rentals
Floral: Dream Designs Florist
Transportation: Apollo's Chariots
Makeup: Faces by Shannon


Meet The Team : Katie

Next up on our meet the team blog series, a very special gal... Katie! This incredible lady has been with At Last from (almost) the beginning... 6 years! Just 7 months after this business of mine started, Katie came my way + she's been one of the most wonderful coordinators on this team ever since. It's been such an amazing experience to see her go from a shy college student to a full on professional grown up! When Katie isn't helping out with At Last's outstanding couples, she works in the events department for the Orlando Magic - so fun!

Without further ado... I give you one of my favorite ladies, Katie!

How did you get started in the wedding planning industry?
When I saw the opening for an internship with At Last my eyes lit up! I was pursuing a degree in Event Management at the time + was ecstatic when Jaclyn contacted me for an interview.
How long have you been with At Last?
Over 6 years!
What is your favorite part of a wedding day?
If I only have to pick one... I absolutely love when a couple is introduced for their first time into the reception. They always look so relaxed, happy + excited at this point in the day! And I get to be right there to hear the cheers when their friends + family welcome them.

Any advice for brides?
Don't worry about what anybody else wants. It is you + your grooms days - do what makes you happy + forget the rest!
Tell us about a favorite detail you have had at a wedding you did.
A family made BARN! Getting to coordinate a wedding where the reception venue was literally built just for the bride by her sweet father was so special. That is one talented family! 
What do you like to do in your spare time?
I love being active + outside. When the whether is too hot I enjoy shopping, reading + trying new restaurants. If my friends + family can join me for any of the above it's a bonus.
What are some items on your bucket list?
See as much of the world as I can + get a puppy.
If you could do a wedding anywhere, where would it be?
Hawaii - I can't imagine planning a wedding with that as the backdrop!
Tell us a fun fact about yourself.
 I had the opportunity to travel with the NBA (working with the Orlando Magic) + plan events in Brazil + London. It was an experience I will never forget!
Favorite TV shows?
Scandal + my guilty pleasures are the Bachelor, Bachelorette + The Real Housewives... of any city :)
What on your playlist right now? 
Can't Stop The Feeling - JT <3
 Big thanks to Best Photography for our new team photos!


Engaged : Charlotte + Ian

Charlotte + Ian are engaged! These two love birds will be tying the knot + celebrating their love next May at the Tavares Pavilion on the Lake + we're thrilled to a part of their special wedding planning. We love hearing the details on how our couples came to be perfect pairs + today we're sharing Charlotte + Ian's love story, as well as some photos of when Ian proposed! Enjoy!

How did you + Ian meet? 
started college at UCF during summer of 2011. The intramural fields were located behind my dorm so one evening I went to watch one of my friends play flag football. On my way to the fields, I asked a group of boys in front of me which field was the flag football field. The group of boys, including a guy with the name "Faulkner" written on the back, turned around and looked at me, then kept walking. These boys ended up being on my friend's team. The guy with "Faulkner" caught my eye from the beginning. We talked a little as a group and a couple weeks later, "Faulkner" added me on Facebook. We started to talk online and eventually Ian asked for my number. We started hanging out with groups of friends from then on, until October 18, 2011, when Ian asked me to be, "his girl", after a "fancy date" night at TGI Fridays.
Tell us about the proposal!
For Christmas, 2015, Ian's gift to me was a letter stating that he had a trip planned for during the time of my spring break. He was going to take me to an ocean front resort. While there, we would enjoy a few days at the beach and have messages scheduled (since that is what I was wanting for Christmas). Months went by, and on my spring break, March 18, Ian drove me 2.5 hours to the surprise weekend spa trip. He ended up taking me to the Omni at Amelia Island. Friday evening, we both got a massage at the resort and had dinner, ocean side. The next morning, Ian woke up at 6am, wide awake. He told me to be ready by 8 so we could rent a golf cart to tour the property before breakfast at 9:15. We took the shuttle to the rental place but it did not open until 9am. So I decided to walk the trail back to the resort. As we started to walk, I somehow ended up getting ahead of Ian, as I was looking around and taking in the beautiful scenery on the property. I then heard Ian behind me telling me to turn around. I started to walk toward him when he said "there is another reason why I brought you on this trip". The rest is a blur other than him getting down on one knee. Ian also surprised me with a photographer who took us around the Omni property taking newly engagement pictures. Ian and I then went to our breakfast reservations, and to my surprise, all of myfamily and his family were there to continue the celebrating!


Engaged : Khristy + OJ

What a day! We get to share Khristy + OJ's engagement photos with all of you + boy, oh boy, are they pretty or what! Wings of Glory did a fantastic job at capturing this perfect pair. It gets us even more excited for their big day, just 6 months from now, at the Lake Mary Events Center. Until then..... enjoy!



New + Improved At Last Website!

As you may know by now, we recently got some new team photos done by the fabulous Best Photography! Once I received all of the images, I was kicked into updating our oh, so wonderful website! I just absolutely love the design + feel of the website- it really gives our couples a glimpse into our style + personalities. Swing on over to the site to see our new + improved pages about the company, places we've been published, bios for each of our team members, new gallery photos + more!

 Visit our site at


Meet The Team : Brianna M.

Happy Monday, friends! Today, we're continuing our Meet The Team blog series with Brianna! As you probably already know, we have two Brianna's + this particular one is quite a gem. She's been with At Last for over 3 years + has been a tremendous person to have around. Her passion for weddings really shines when she's talking with her brides, which is such a treat to see. I'm so very excited to share Brianna with all of you today, if you haven't already had the wonderful opportunity of working with her already!

I introduce to you.... Brianna M.
How did you get started in the wedding planning industry?
When I was a small child I would throw my Barbies weddings + act like I was in The Wedding Planner movie with Jennifer Lopez! I knew that it was my destiny + I started looking to fulfill my childhood dream right out of school.
How long have you been with At Last?
I've had the pleasure of working with At Last for the past 3 years + I love every minute of it!
What is your favorite part of a wedding day?
My favorite part will always be the vows. There's something so romantic about that very moment that melts my heart.
Tell us about a unique detail you had at a wedding. 
There are so many! I would have to go with a unique wooden guest book one of my recent brides had. The guests signed their names into wood in pencil + later the couple brought it back to the carpenter they got the wood from + had the signatures engraved.
Any advice for brides?
Relax + have fun! We are here to help you with the details... enjoy the party!
Tell us a fun fact about yourself.
I dabble in balloons + face painting art as a hobby!
What do you like to do in your spare time?
I really enjoy creating art, volunteering to help others + cooking up a new dish.
What are some items on your bucket list?
Visit Europe, ride a hot air balloon, jump off a really high cliff into the ocean, swim with dolphins... just to name a few.
If you could do a wedding anywhere, where would it be?
I've had the honor of planning some beautiful weddings but if I had to choose somewhere new I would probably say Hawaii. Why you ask.... because Hawaii is on my bucket list too ;)
Favorite TV show?
Friends still has my heart. I started re-watching the show again on Netflix!.
What on your playlist right now? 
Can't Stop The Feeling by Justin Timberlake.
 Big thanks to Best Photography for our new team photos!